Little bit about us:
Who we are?

LiluFX graphic studio is a team of people of different age, gender and lifestyle. However, we share a common passion to search, create and surprise. Our work is above all our hobby and our favorite form of spending free time.

Our goal is to create designs and graphic materials that are optimal in every respect, exceed customers' expectations and bring quick results. Before the final project is loved by our client, it must first be loved by us and we are very picky.

What we do?

Our graphic studio LiluFX consists of specialized graphic designers in various fields. We also cooperate with independent graphic designers and other graphic studios.


Thus, the offer of our services is very wide and the quality of work performed at an exceptionally high level while maintaining competitive prices.

The range of offered works starts from logo design, through 3D models of products, interior design, to animations and TV spots, as well as websites.


If you are interested in comprehensive visual identification of your company made by professionals, we invite you to see the full offer.

How do we work:

1. Let's start!

We start by discussing their needs with the client, we determine what graphic products should meet their expectations.

3. We are working on      the project

We plan every product, we look for information, we sketch, we test, we look for the optimal solution, which will turn out to be original, even original, maybe a little crazy, but certainly unique.

We keep our client informed about the progress of our work.

5. Done!

At the end, we read the praise emails and settle accounts. :D

We prepare a valuation of our work and the time of its realization.

2. Evaluation

We send out ready-made materials and trial versions, make corrections if needed and then present the customer something that exceeds his expectations!

4. Apply the porridges

Why LiluFX?

Good graphic designs should be made not only aesthetically, but also in accordance with the visual identification of a specific company. When preparing it, the target group and other elements determining the client's needs should also be taken into account.


Our graphic design studio treats each order with the utmost care, ensuring that the result is 100% consistent with the client's vision. We realize that a good project is a combination of the contractor's ingenuity and the ability to listen to the client's needs.


Therefore, before starting work, we conduct a thorough interview to be 100% sure that the result will be satisfactory. In the later stages of the order, we remain in constant contact with the client to introduce any corrections and changes to the initial arrangements.






Designing graphic materials is our greatest passion. Since each project is a challenge, we put our whole heart into it so as to create something special, not only to surprise and fully satisfy our client, but also ourselves.


We must be 100% agreed on the highest possible quality of our project, and because we are extremely demanding, it is not easy to satisfy us.


We will spend the extra hours with pleasure and relentlessness to make the product that comes from LiluFX perfect in every respect. He was as good as possible.


Thanks to our experience and exemplary cooperation, we are able to do it in quite a short time.


The main center of our activity is Warsaw and Piaseczno, but we invite clients from all over Poland to cooperate.


3D visualizations


Advertising spots








Visual identification

In the case of computer graphics, attention to detail is particularly important. The project must look great at any resolution to catch the eye and look professional. There are no shortcomings here. Specialists employed in our graphic studio make sure that it is refined in even the smallest detail. Our employees are true perfectionists who will not miss even a small defect, barely visible to the naked eye.


Although the office is located in Piaseczno, we cooperate with people from all over the country, and even with foreign clients. We carry out orders for various industries, which are always appreciated for a well-thought-out concept and execution. Are we interested in cooperation with our company?


Then please contact us. We will be happy to prepare an initial concept and a full quote for you, and then, after accepting the terms, we will immediately start working. Communication with our company can be entirely online - no problem for us!


Computer graphics is our passion that we want to share with the whole world by creating well-thought-out digital projects, including websites or logos, and projects such as billboards, posters or leaflets. We do not create according to one pattern - on the contrary, full of ideas, we are able to adapt the design to the specificity of the industry and bring a lot of freshness to it. We are ready for any, even the most complex, order. We approach each of them individually, trying to meet all expectations.




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