Graphic designs of LiluFx

LiluFx graphic studio creates graphic designs, newsletters / html mailings, flash and static banners, designs for folders, leaflets, business cards, logos, websites, press advertisements, product photography and many more.

Why is our graphic studio worth choosing?
  • we operate comprehensively

  • we only create original and unusual designs

  • we are looking for the best solutions

  • we guarantee high quality at a competitive price

  • we cooperate with printing houses on very favorable terms

In the field of flat graphics, we will prepare:

Logo design

Unique logotype designs prepared on the basis of customer preferences, information about the activity, target recipients and, of course, the prevailing trends, while maintaining exceptional originality. We can also prepare a brand book for the client's needs.

Visual Identification

A coherent visual system that distinguishes the company from competing brands is the most important element of the overall visual identification:

logo, letterhead, folders, business cards, packaging designs, typeface, colors, exterior design of promotional materials, etc.

We will prepare website designs that will worthily present your brand, your product and services. Up-to-date with the latest trends and dedicated to the target audience segment, they will be your showcase and sales representative in one. The unique, engaging and exciting design of your website will remain in the visitor's memory for a long time.

Internet advertising

We prepare sets of banners with your products and services, catchy advertising slogans that can later be used on websites, Facebook, Instagram, or sent in e-mails to your subscribers.

Labels & Packaging

A well-designed packaging is the key to success. Taking into account design trends, consumer needs and issues related to the customer's psychology, we will prepare unique packaging designs that will distinguish your product from the competition.

Product Photography

We offer a full package of services in the field of product photography, photo postproduction to make their presentation more attractive - color correction, background cutting, barcode naming of photos, adding shadows, any resolution, advanced retouching - drying dust, wrinkles, etc.

Other very important information:
Printing and production:

By working with us, you can be sure that we will deal with the implementation of the project from the beginning to the end. You have full comfort, because you know that you will get the highest quality product on time and we have our hands full and this drives us to action! In addition to preparing the graphic design itself, we will prepare it for printing, and the printing house we work with will deliver the ordered product to you on time. From business card prints, other media of visual identification to large-format prints.

Cooperation, step by step:
  • Brief for design and pricing

We invite you to download the PDF file, fill it in and send it to us at in order to obtain a free project valuation.

  • Work on the preliminary design

On the basis of the sent brief, arrangements in an e-mail conversation and / or meetings, we will prepare a preliminary draft of the ordered products.

  • Working on patches

After completing the work on the preliminary design, we send it to clients for verification and feedback on whether they are fully satisfied, or what and how we should change.

  • Final design

We apply the agreed corrections and send the client the corrected design for final approval.

  • Transfer of author's economic rights

After receiving the full payment of the predetermined amount, we send a signed document of transferring copyrights / property rights to the client.

Files to download:

Interactive brief for pricing

Agreement on the transfer of copyrights / property rights to the graphic design